Saison 2 – Références des titres des épiso...

Chaque titre d’épisode en version originale reprend le titre d’un film célèbre:

ÉpisodeTitres originauxTitres de film
1Summer Kind of Wonderful
Some Kind of Wonderful
2 Never Been MarcusedNever Been Kissed
3The Dark Night
The Dark Knight
4 The Ex-FilesThe X-Files
5The Serena Also Rises
The Sun Also Rises
6 New Haven Can WaitHeaven Can Make
7Chuck in Real Life
Dan in Real Life
8 Pret-a-Poor-JPrêt-à-Porter
9There Might be Blood
There Will Be Blood
10 Bonfire of the VanityBonfire of the Vanities
11The Magnificent Archibalds
The Magnificent Ambersons
12 It’s a Wonderful LieIt’s A Wonderful Life
13O Brother, Where Bart Thou?
O Brother, Where Art Thou
14 In the Realm of the BassesAi no corrida (In the Realm of the Senses)
15Gone with the Will
Gone with the Wind
16 You’ve Got Yale!You’ve Got Mail
17Carrnal Knowledge
Carnal Knowledge
18 The Age of DissonanceThe Age of Innocence
19The Grandfather
The Godfather (Part I)
20 Remains of the JThe Remains of the Day
21Seder Anything
Say Anything
22 Southern Gentlemen Prefer BlondesGentlemen Prefer Blondes
23 The Wrath of ConStar Trek: The Wrath of the Khan
24 Valley GirlsValley Girl
25 The Goodbye Gossip GirlThe Goodbye Girl

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